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What are some of the benefits of swimming for children? Children should learn how to swim as early as possible because of the safety benefits. In fact, it’s not just a frivolous activity, it could later save the child’s life.

Essential to Safety

In the ages of children from one to 14, drowning comes as the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths, based on information from the National Safe Kids Campaign. Because of these startling statistics, it should come as no surprise that children should learn how to swim from a young age. Water exists in every environment from the bathtub to the lake to the local river. Ensuring that a child feels comfortable around water and respects it is extraordinarily important.

Low Impact Sport

Because it gets performed in the water, swimming is low impact. The body has 90 percent buoyancy, according to one study from Bucknell University. When people swim in water up to their neck, they’re not touching the ground, and swimming could be said to be an ideal sport for those concerned with the well being of their body over the long term. Many elderly people have taken a liking to swimming because of how it’s much easier on the body. There’s a notable lack of injuries like broken bones and sprains.

Incredible Workout

Every child should learn how to swim because of how this sport involves using numerous muscle groups for a high-intensity and full cardio workout. All of the four strokes in swimming will involve working out the various muscle groups. Many times children and adults have taken on swimming as a sport for weight loss because of how it’s fun to work out. For someone who’s overweight, this might be a better place to start because of the low impact. Not to mention, this will still burn calories.

Introducing a child to swimming from an early age will also help him or her to live a healthier lifestyle. Once a child has learned how to swim, she can confidently hop into a pool with low risk and have fun while doing a high-intensity workout. Swimming has also been praised for helping with some types of chronic diseases and mental health because of how it eases the mind. It releases natural endorphins that feel good to the body.