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When was the last time you’ve traveled by plane? Want to make your next journey by air more comfortable? Follow the below seven tips for smoother air travel!

The seats by the window are colder

The temperature outside of the cabin can fall to -150 degrees Fahrenheit. You can feel this external cold by the windows. If you enjoy gazing out the window, it’s best to dress warm. If you are not prepared with layers of clothing, simply ask the crew for a blanket.

Avoid drinking coffee or tea

Keep in mind that the water on board used to make this can contain certain bacteria. Instead of drinking tea or coffee, ask for bottled water or fruit juice to be on the safe side. EPA sample of 158 planes, thirteen percent contained coliform. Two of the airplanes were found to have dangerous E.coli in the water. Stay on the safe side and avoid drinking coffee or tea on your flight.

Tables and Seat pockets are dirty

The pockets on the seat backs in front of you are often filled with trash. When it comes to the tray table, it’s even worse. Some people use these tables to change their baby’s diapers. Never place your food directly on this table and wipe down the tray table before using it.

Morning is the best time for a flight

There is a much smaller chance for this flight to be delayed. Delays tend to occur during the day as more and more flights get jammed up. Moreover, if you have a fear of flying, specialists claim that a degree of turbulence is reduced in the morning, so shoot for a morning flight!

The Service is better in the final rows

If you sit in the first couple of rows, you do get to leave first and get first choice of your meal. However, in the back of the cabin, you will get more attentive service from the crew because they are closer to you. It’s easier for them to bring you refills and more. If you think you will be wanting more attentive service, choose a seat in the back.

Always go with the special menu

Airlines offer a choice of different meals in flight such as vegetarian, seafood and kosher. Even if you have no particular preference, many travelers recommend going with the special menu choices. They are often more varied and tastier than the standard meals.

With these air travel tips, you will be ready for anything on your next flight.