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What are some ways to survive  long flights? How can you survive and enjoy? The following are three of the most recommended tips when flying internationally.

Get Comfortable On Board

Take your headphones, book or whatever you need out of your backpack. Then put everything in the above compartment. Anything that is under the seat in front of you means less legroom and a more cramped living space for the next 12-20 hours. Don’t bring so much on that you compete for your own sleeping space.

Make sure you are dressed in layers, as planes often get cold and sometimes don’t offer a blanket. Noise cancelling headphones, pillow and ear plugs are great to get you as comfortable as possible. Make sure any devices are charged and any videos are downloaded prior to the trip.

Pass the Time

Use the time to get some work done, get some distraction free reading in or take advantage of the free entertainment provided by the airline. You rarely will have this much time uninterrupted, so decide ahead of time what you want to get out of it and do it! By mixing up your time with work related tasks, reading for enjoyment and doing puzzles on your iPad, the time will seem to go by faster.

Befriend the Flight Crew

Befriend the flight crew on your flight! Chat them up, give them a smile, and be polite. They have a hard job and a bit of niceness can go a long way. They may have an extra meal or a better seat waiting for you, but if you aren’t pleasant to them, you will not reap these benefits.

Consider a Sleep Aid

If you are planning to use sleep aids, whether that be natural methods such as melatonin, or prescription drugs such as Ambien, try them before you fly with them. As long as you are not traveling with children or someone who may need you, a sleep aid could be a wise investment.

International Flights are hard for everyone. But if you make yourself comfortable on the flight, entertain yourself and get some good rest in, the flight will not be so bad!