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Have you ever seen someone traveling in a foreign country by themselves and wondered what it would be like? Solo travel provides so many opportunities that traveling in a group does not. If you have the chance to take a trip by yourself, do it! Why? You will enjoy complete flexibility, gain confidence and have the chance to self-reflect.

Enjoy Total Flexibility

One of the greatest perks of traveling alone is the ability to create, adjust and manage completely your itinerary. Traveling with friends or family is great but it is always difficult to manage more than one travel agenda at a time. When traveling alone, you have total control over what you do, where you do it and when. Perhaps you hear about a great local excursion and want to explore it that day. No problem! Traveling alone provides the flexibility the change your plans at the last minute with affecting anyone!

The Ability to Immerse Yourself

Another great benefit of traveling by yourself is the ability to completely immerse yourself into the culture. When traveling with a partner or a group, you tend to be less apt to strike up a conversation with a local. Being alone not only allows these natural interactions to occur, it sometimes necessitates it. Walking down a road and not sure where the closest cafe is? Ask a local. Not only will you get to experience their culture through organic interaction, you will probably get a way better cafe suggestion than any travel book!

Increased Confidence

Often times, getting out of your comfort zone is when you grow the most. By traveling solo, your confidence will inevitably increase. Not only are you undertaking an entire trip on your own, you are navigating unfamiliar areas solely based off of your own interests.

Time for Reflection

Many people go out of their way not to be alone. By taking a solo trip, you are leaning into what can be a very uncomfortable and unnatural experience. By allowing yourself time with just you, you can reflect on your life. You will have the chance to sit with yourself and think about whatever you would like, without any distractions.

Solo travel provides a different type of adventure. By traveling alone, you are facing every challenge by yourself. This may sound scary but it provides an opportunity for growth, reflection and increased confidence. Start out with a short trip alone and allow yourself to experience the beauty of solo travel.