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The Innovations of Tomorrow

The American military is known far and wide for its unparalleled technological superiority. Yet, as more and more industrialized nations improve their economy, so too do they bolster their respective military. In order for...

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Why Swim? Why Not?

It goes without saying that exercise is of the utmost significance in keeping us healthy and prolonging our life, optimizing our brain function, and even just bettering our mood. Yet, how we choose to...

Army vs Navy

The History of Navy vs Army Football Game

One the most ardent rivalries in college football is the Army Black Knights vs Navy Midshipmen. Every year, the game draws more viewers as it’s seen as one of the greatest game of the...

Open Water Swimmers

3 Tips All Open Water Swimmers Need To Know

Open water swimming has become one of the most popular form of swimming over recent years. Swimming has declined in popularity in other countries, but the number of people participating in open water swimming...


Great Exercises for the Pool

Hello and welcome to my website. This website is dedicated to my love for the hobbies that drive my life. I would love to share any and all hobby related experiences with you all,...


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